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Continent: AsiaPopulation: 7,448,900 Area: 1,106 km² Time Zone: GMT+8 Nearest Airport: Hong Kong International Airport

About Hong Kong TOURISM

Ideal Duration: 8-10 days Currency: Hong Kong Dollar Best Time: October to December


Hong Kong is a special administrative region, located on the eastern side of the pearl river estuary in southern china covering a total area of 426 square miles with over 7.4 million people, Hong Kong is the world’s fourth most densely populated region. In 1780, Hong Kong was spelled as He-Ong-Kong. In 1842, after first Opium war Hong Kong became a colony of the British empire. In 1860, after second Opium war -the colony expanded to Kowloon Peninsula. Originally Hong Kong was a farming and fishing village and now became one of the world’s most important financial centers and commercial ports. Hongkong is the world’s seventh largest trading entity and its currency is 13th most traded currency. Hong Kong has the world’s largest of skyscrapers and the 3rd largest number of high-rise buildings in the world. 90% of the total population of Hong Kong uses public transportation to get around the city, which is highest percentage in the world. Hong Kong is 60 kilometers east of Macau and surrounded by the south china sea on all sides except the north. Hong Kong experiences humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild and sunny winters.

Curated Holiday Packages for Hong Kong


HongKong Macau Shenz 6 Nights


China HongKong Macao 11 Nights


Taiwan Lantern Festi 7 Nights

Cruise Holidays from Hong Kong


Cruise on the High S 3 Nights


Round trip cruise fr 6 Nights


Round Trip from Hong 5 Nights

How to reach hong kong from india?
Hong Kong international airport is one of the largest airports in the world which is well connected to major cities all over the world. Direct flight from India to Hong Kong are available from New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru and conecting flights from other cities. Air India, Jet airways, Cathay Pacific and Dragon air provides direct flights from India to Hong Kong.
Best time/season to visit hong kong?
Climate of Hong Kong experiences hot and humid summers and dry and cool winters. Post summers and pre-winters are the best time to visit Hong Kong. October to December (Autumn) January to March(Winters) April to May (Spring) June to September (Summers)
Local transportation in hong kong?
Hong Kong has a highly developed transport network and offers plenty of cheap, safe and clean transportation to get around the city.

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