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Continent: AsiaPopulation: 138.64 crores Area: 9.597 million km² Time Zone: GMT+8 Nearest Airport: Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

About China TOURISM

Ideal Duration: 1 to 2 hours. Currency: Renminbi - Chinese Yuan Best Time: Spring - April to May and Autumn - September to October
Located in East Asia, China is the world’s most populous country with a population of around 1.404 billion.


Located in East Asia, China is the world’s most populous country with a population of around 1.404 billion. China is the third largest country by land covering a total area of 9,600,000 square kilometres and world’s largest exporter and importer of goods. After the introduction of economic reforms in 1978, the economy of China has been one of the world’s fastest growing and in 2016, China’s currency is the world’s second largest economy by GDP. China has the world’s largest standing army and second largest defence budget. China is a vast country and a mix of grassland, desert, mountains, lakes, rivers and modern architecture with a mix of historic sites. Within its vast geography, one can find indigenous niches of culture and vegetation. The relative isolation of Chinese from the outside world made possible for the country to preserve its vastness and originality of culture. Even though with the development of world class industrial hubs like Shanghai and Hong Kong, one can easily find the authentic culture in the country side. Within the country boundaries exists a diverse climate and topography. From the highest of the places on earth to the vast coastal line and from the temperate climate to sub zero temperatures of Tibet the place is an adventure to travellers. China has over 34,687 species of animals and plants, making it third most biodiverse country in the world. To get the real taste of country’s heritage, culture and people it is recommended to travellers to visit the cultural hotspots, monuments and most importantly to get to mingle with the local population and explore what china has to offer.

Curated Holiday Packages for China


Explore China and Cr 11 Nights


Guilin Free and Easy 2 Nights


Beijing Free & Easy 3 Nights

Cruise Holidays from China


Round trip of Shenzh 5 Nights

How to reach china from india?
China is a country with around 200 airports which are well connected to cities around the world. You can book a direct flight from New Delhi Airport and Mumbai Airport to Shanghai and Beijing airport in China.
How to get visa of china for indians?
If you are planning to travel to china, you have to apply for a visa in china embassy. China embassy and representatives are located in New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.
Best time to visit china?
China is all year around destination, there is always some attractions that is worth visiting in every season. Weather wise the best time to travel to china is spring (April to May) and autumns (September to October). During spring and autumns, the country experiences the most tourism friendly weather. Spring (April to May), Summer (June to August), Autumn (September to October), Winter (November to March)
Local transportation in china?
China has a convenient transportation options with improvements in road construction. Getting around the city in china is very easy, reliable and convenient. Buses, taxis and bicycles are the popular means of transportation in some cities while subway, light rail and trains can be considered as good options in modern and developed cities. Public transportation in china includes- Bus, Taxis.
Type of adapters to carry china?
China runs on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz. Keeping this in mind, it becomes essential to carry all the relevant electrical appliances, to avoid any last-minute problems. We bring you, some of the relevant piece of information about the types of adapters you need to pack up, before boarding your flights to China: • Travel Adapter : It is a device that allows one to plug-in any of the UK electrical appliance/appliances into another/foreign electrical socket/sockets. A point worth noting here is that it is NOT a voltage/frequency convertor. In China, there are 3 type of associated plug: • Type A : It is the plug that has 2 flat Parallel pins. • Type I : It is the plug that has 3 flat Parallel pins, in a triangular pattern. • Type C : It is the plug that has 2 Round pins. • Voltage-Convertor/Regulator : Most of the voltage/frequency converters/transformers are coupled with plug adaptors, one need not buy a separate travel adaptor. All the converters/transformers have their Maximum Power Rating (WATTS or AMPS) so ensure that the appliance does not exceed its MPR. • Dual-Voltage Rated Appliance : A Dual-voltage rated device displays e.g. “INPUT: 110-240V” on its body or as power supply. So, a travel adaptor is needed. China runs on a 230V supply voltage, which lies within the 110-240V range of that of a Dual voltage device. • Single-Voltage Rated Appliance : In Indonesia, the supply voltage is 230V. A single voltage rated device needs to run at the same supply voltage i.e. 230V. Some of the travel adaptors are unsuitable for the appliances that need an earth connection and better be used along with a Double-Voltage Rated appliance. • Top Adapters : Travel USB Wall Chargers, Travel Power Strips, Power Plug Adapters, Plug Adapter sets, Universal Travel Power Adapters etc.

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