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Continent: EuropePopulation: 87.7 lakhs Area: 83,879 km² Time Zone: GMT+2 Nearest Airport: Vienna Airport,Salzburg Airport,Innsbruck Airport.

About Austria TOURISM

Ideal Duration: 6 - 7 Days Currency: Euro Best Time: April to June and September to October
The origin of Austria dates back to approximately to 15BC and in 788 AD, Christianity was introduced in the area by The Frankish King.


The origin of Austria dates back to approximately to 15BC and in 788 AD, Christianity was introduced in the area by The Frankish King. Austria is a country in Central Europe comprising 9 federated states. The country is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Hungary and Slovakia to the east Slovenia and Italy to the south and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. The country being centre of power for the large multi ethnic Austro-Hungarian Empire and the same can be seen in the grand castles ruins scattered across the county which dates back to 18th and 19th century. Austria is heavily influenced by adjoining European nations but still stands out with its own culture. The people of Austria enjoy spending their lives in a good manner with most of their time being spent in eating, drinking and social get together and thus are considered very hospitable. Contrary to the common perceptions, Austria is not all about the Alps, with only 3/4 of the country being mountainous the other part is a mix of diversity of landscapes. With its serene glaciers, meadows and river gorges, the place will take any traveler by surprise. The picturesque scenery of the country attracts large flock of tourists in summers and winters and this is the time when a tourist can get maximum out of Austria. The climate is temperate continental with summers and winters both being moderate in low lands while winters get harsh in alpine region. Austria is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with a nominal GDP per capita of $46,972 . The country has ranked 24th in the world for its human development index and enjoys a high standard of living. Vienna is the capital, largest city and one of the nine federated states.

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European Charm 9 Nights


Vienna Prague Budape 6 Nights

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On Call

Cruise from Vienna t 4 Nights

On Call

Cruise from Vienna t 6 Nights

How to reach austria from india?
The best way to reach Austria from India is by flight. You can book a direct or Connecting flight from major airports in India. Austrian Airlines& Air India operates direct flight from New Delhi to Vienna. Biggest airlines from India to Austria are-Air India, Austrian, Emirates, Lufthansa.
How to get austria visa from india?
Before applying for Austria visa, one must identify the type of visa required depending on the purpose of travel weather tourist, study, work, or residence. In order to travel to Austria, one has to apply for Schengen visa.
Best time to visit austria?
Austria can be visited all year round, the best time to visit depends on which part of the country you are travelling. Austria weather ranges from chilly and blustering winters to hot, dry and rainy summers. The seasons of spring (April & May) and fall (September & October) are the best time to visit Austria
Local transportation in austria?
Austria has a convenient transportation options with improvements in road construction. Getting around the city in Austria is very easy, reliable and convenient. Buses, taxis and metros are the popular means of transportation in some cities while subway, light rail and trains can be considered as good options in modern and developed cities. Public transportation in Austria includes- Bus, Taxis, Metro, Trams.
Type of adapters to carry austria?
Austria runs on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Keeping this in mind, it becomes essential to carry all the relevant electrical appliances, to avoid any last-minute problems. We bring you, some of the relevant piece of information about the types of adapters you need to pack up, before boarding your flights to Austria: Travel Adapter : It is a device that allows one to plug-in any of the UK electrical appliance/appliances into another/foreign electrical socket/sockets. A point worth noting here is that it is NOT a voltage/frequency convertor. In Austria, there are 2 types of associated plugs: • Type C : It is the plug that has 2 round pins • Type F : It has 2 round pins + 2 earth clips on the side. Voltage-Convertor/Regulator : Most of the voltage/frequency converters/transformers are coupled with plug adaptors, one need not buy a separate travel adaptor. All the converters/transformers have their Maximum Power Rating (WATTS or AMPS) so ensure that the appliance does not exceed its MPR. Dual-Voltage Rated Appliance : A Dual-voltage rated device displays e.g. “INPUT: 110-240V” on its body or as power supply. So, a travel adaptor is needed. Austria runs on a 230V supply voltage, which lies within the 110-240V range of that of a Dual voltage device. Single-Voltage Rated Appliance : In Austria, the supply voltage is 230V. A single voltage rated device needs to run at the same supply voltage i.e. 230V. Some of the travel adaptors are unsuitable for the appliances that need an earth connection and better be used along with a Double-Voltage Rated appliance. Top Adapters : Travel USB Wall Chargers, Travel Power Strips, Power Plug Adapters, Plug Adapter sets, Universal Travel Power Adapters etc.

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